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In 2010, Wentworth Metal Group has successfully acquired a number of Exploration Licence (EL) tenements in the area surrounding Razorback Ridge and Braemar Iron province in South Australia which forms a major part of our investment portfolio.



Our South Australia Projects

Tenement Project Location Area SQKM
EL4516 Razorback Ridge 205
EL4728 Mergenia 801
ELA341/10 Orroroo, Parachilna (Yunta Area) 799
ELA340/10 Orroroo, Parachilna (Belton Area) 771
EL4566 Olary 174
EL4549 West Creek 28
Total South Australia   2,778

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TMI Map of SA Projects

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Source: SARIG, Department of Primary Industries and Resources, South Australia


JV Opportunities

Farm-in Opportunities

Wentworth Metal Group as a well funded, efficient and entrepreneurial company is seeking Farm-in opportunities in regions prospective for iron ore where we see potential to enhance and accelerate exploration and development activities to the benefit of the project and its participants. If you hold assets that may be of interest to Wentworth Metal Group please contact us to initiate discussions.


Farm-out Opportunities

Wentworth Metal Group's strategy of acquiring large tenement areas with an exploration focus in high-grade iron ore has provided us with opportunities to consolidate larger potential area and be in proximity to our target focus. In addition, WMG is interested in both early stage exploration assets and advancing/development assets whichever may provide us opportunities from time to time.


The following "non-core assets" are currently under review for divestment. Interested parties can contact us and receive detailed information and data for specific projects under signed Confidentiality Agreements.

Tenement Project Location Area SQKM
EL4728 Merginia 801
ELA341/10 Orroroo, Parachilna (Yunta area) 799
ELA340/10 Orroroo, Parachilna (Belton area) 771