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Wentworth Metal Group ("Wentworth") is a privately-funded group founded in 2009.

Wentworth has secured a number of Exploration Licence (EL) tenements in SA for developing them into iron ore projects and with an aggressive farm-in and farm-out strategies, the company has made agreement with strategic partner(s) to consolidate control over a relatively large portion of the Braemar Iron Formation.




John Hillam – CEO

Mr Hillam is a qualified geologist and has considerable expertise in the Olary area from his previous position during 2008-09 as a Project Geologist and has significant expertise in the Olary area from his previous involvements with magnetite deposits at and surrounding Razorback Ridge, and gold projects in the Olary Province of SA.

Mr Hillam also has over 30 years of experience in running his own IT and E-Commerce businesses in the US and Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology (Hons) from University of Adelaide, SA.